2.5" LMP DataPort RAID

Small mobile 2-bay 2.5" RAID system for HDD/SSD

Key features
  • 2-bay 2.5" RAID system
  • USB 2.0, FireWire 800, and eSATA ports for great versatility
  • Various configurations including combination of SSD and HDD
  • Supports HDD up to 2 TB (max. 4 TB)
  • Includes Slip Bag, easy to carry with protection


It is rare to come across 2-Bay enclosures for 2.5" HDD in today's market, plus one with RAID management. The DataPort RAID, a 2-Bay RAID System, is customized with an intelligible GUI (RAID MASTER) for personalized RAID settings, a colorful LED for immediate system status, and triple interfaces (FW, USB, eSATA) for instant connection. The DataPort RAID is light for travel and perfect for mobile users looking for reliant RAID supervision.

With the user-friendly RAID MASTER application, anyone can arrange permitted RAID tasks or be alerted of potential system problems. In addition, the DataPort RAID allows straightforward RAID mode-setting.

The DataPort RAID facilitates a 2-Bay storage device ready for usage anywhere via FireWire bus power. With the FireWire 800 connection, the hard drives can be powered, and DataPort RAID 2-Bay will not need an A/C adapter anymore, lightening the load even more.

Its slim, sturdy housing can safely seal away any two 2.5" HDD/SSD, sheltering them from random accidents. Add the bundled black "Slip Bag", slide the DataPort RAID in and be on your way.

Besides being a desktop-capable RAID System, the thin and light DataPort RAID is perfect for any travel-like carry-on bags. Its small book-like body along with RAID MASTER gives users the flexibility to operate RAID applications on the go.

Technical specifications

Connection type 1x eSATA (3 Gbps)
1x USB-B 2.0 (480 Mbps)
2x FireWire 800 (800 Mbps)
Raid level 0