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LMP Bluetooth Tx Kit

Wireless & multi-host for Apple USB keyboard A1243


product overview

The LMP Bluetooth Tx Kit transforms the legendary Apple USB keyboard A1243 into a wireless Bluetooth keyboard, giving the user the freedom of a wireless connection. The Tx Kit’s multi-host feature allows to connect the A1243 with up to 4 different hosts such as iMac, MacBook, iPad, iPhone, making the A1243 the input center of all your digital devices.

The Tx Kit is attached to the bottom side of the A1243 by using the 2 USB ports of the keyboard. The USB cable can be wrapped up and stowed away before it is plugged into the Tx Kit at the back side of the keyboard. The built-in li-ion battery brings an autonomy of about 14 to 21 days. The wireless connection is made through a Broadcom Bluetooth 3.0 chipset which is highly compatible and reliable.



EAN code
  • 7640113432713
Working time in normal use (daily activity)
  • Approximately 2 to 3 weeks / 10 to 15 working days
    Note: While charging via Micro USB port, you can work continuously with the Tx Kit TK-1243
Charge current
  • 350 mAh (±50 mAh)
Package content
  • LMP Tx Kit TK-1243, Micro USB to USB A cable (1 m), Quick Start Guide
Standard working time
  • 26.5 hrs. (continuous keystroke)
  • The 2 USB ports must be used to attach the Tx Kit to the Apple USB keyboard. The 2 USB ports will no longer be functional. The capslock LED will not light up. By mounting the Tx Kit, the angle of the keyboard increases slightly.
  • 5300 MAh, rechargeable
Standard charging time
  • 15 hrs. to 17.5 hrs. (connected to iMac USB 3.0 port)
    Note: iMac must be powered on during charging! Tx Kit can be charged via 5V wall charger.