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LMP Disk Doubler

Installation kit for 2. HDD/SSD (2.5"; instaed of DVD drive) for MacBook & MB Pro Unibody


product overview

LMP Disk Doubler is a converter kit for MacBook and MacBook Pro Unibody:
It allows you to install a second SATA hard drive or SSD, instead of the optical drive. Almost all MacBook and MacBook Pro Unibody are supported. Please check the technical specification for further details.

A possible configuration is a super fast SSD (up to 500 MB/s transfer rate) in combination with a standard hard disk. Or expand the capacity by two 2 TB hard drive for maximum 4 TB and use a hard disk as a Time Machine backup.
There is even the possibilty to set up a RAID volume.

The removed DVD drive can be mounted in an inexpensive USB enclosure
(P/N 9413), so that it becomes externally available.



  • The LMP Disk Doubler fits for all MacBook Pro (2008-2013) & MacBook (2008-2009): MacBookPro5,1 MacBookPro5,2 MacBookPro5,3 MacBookPro5,4 MacBook5,1 MacBookPro5,5 MacBookPro6,1 MacBookPro6,2 MacBookPro7,1 MacBook6,1 MacBookPro8,1 MacBookPro8,2 MacBookPro8,3 MacBook7,1 MacBookPro9,1 MacBookPro9,2