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Can the Attach Hub be used with iMac without USB-C ports?

The symbols “°/^” and “</>” are reversed.

After connecting the LMP Compact Dock to the host computer, devices connected to the Dock are not recognised.

Using a Mini-DP to HDMI cable does not work. How can I connect 2x HDMI monitors to the Compact Dock?

Can the Compact Dock be used with the 12″ MacBook?

The LMP USB-C Compact Dock gets hot on the surface even there is only one port being used. Is this a defect?

There is a set of rubber pads in the packaging. What are these for?

The numerical keypad is not working

Function / System functions keys are not working

How to mount the LMP Attach Dock Pro

How to mount the LMP Attach Hub

general information

LMP Dock Ethernet connection is not recognised with macOS 10.14 Mojave

Ethernet connection is not connected

Here is a troubleshooting guide:

  1. Go to “System Preferences/Network”.
  2. Select “USB 10/100/1000” and press the – button:
    Support 6
  3. This message appears, please press “No”:
    Support 7
  4. Restart your computer:
    Support 8
  5. Disconnect your LMP Dock and reconnect it again.
    Make sure, that your power connection is disconnected during this process, otherwise it wont work.
  6. Now reenter into the network preferences “System Preferences/Network”.
  7. Press the + button and select “USB 10/100/1000”:
    Support 9
  8. Press “Apply” and the Ethernet connection should turn to green again.

LMP Dock Ethernet connection is lost after waking from sleep mode with macOS 10.14 Mojave

Ethernet connection is not connected after Sleep

In some cases the Ethernet connection from the LMP Dock is marked as “Not Connected” after the Mac wakes from sleep.

Download and install the latest Ethernet Driver:

  1. Download Link
  2. Follow the install instructions
  3. You will need to open “Security Preferences” and allow the installation:
    Support 10
    Support 11
  4. Restart your Mac

How to find the correct battery

Model Identifier:


Go to the Apple menu and choose „About This Mac“
Support 1
Go to “System Raport...”
Support 5
Copy the Model Identifi er
Support 3
Paste your “Model Identifi er” into the “Battery Finder Tool” and press “Search”
Support 2
If there is a match for your device, you will see the LMP Part Number like this:
Support 4