We are introducing a trio of LMP essentials for an enhanced digital experience. Elevate your typing with the LMP USB Numeric Keyboard (ISO), navigate effortlessly with the LMP Easy Mouse USB, and unleash creativity on your iPad with precision using the LMP DigiPen.

LMP USB numeric Keyboard (ISO)

KB-1243, 110 keys, 2x USB Ports, Aluminum

Bestseller icon17200 - LMP USB numeric Keyboard (ISO) product picture

The LMP USB Keyboard offers a useful 3-zone layout with 110 keys (ISO) and an anodized aluminum cover, providing durable and comfortable typing. It features built-in USB 2.0 ports for added convenience. Available in silver/white and space gray/black with any desired layout.

LMP Easy Mouse USB

2-Button & Scroll Wheel

20411 - LMP Easy Mouse USB product picture

The LMP Easy Mouse offers a sleek Mac-typical design and a reliable USB connectivity for instant use on any Mac or PC. With a traditional 2-button design, scroll wheel, and a 1600 dpi IR sensor, it ensures effortless navigation. The aluminum base and stylish finish complement any Mac. The USB-C model features a 2-in-1 plug, accommodating both USB-C and USB-A ports for compatibility across various Mac generations.

LMP DigiPen

Digital pen for Apple iPad

24710 - LMP DigiPen product picture

The LMP DigiPen is a digital stylus compatible with all iPads, offering palm rejection, tilt sensitivity, and a seamless plug'n'play connection (without Bluetooth). With a long battery life and LED status indicator, it provides uninterrupted usage. Ideal for schools and public institutions, each pen can be uniquely identified through free laser engraving of a number or text.