LMP Thunderbolt cables

In order to use the full power of the Thunderbolt ports on Apple devices, you need the most powerful cables. LMP offers the optimal Thunderbolt cable for every use. The LMP Thunderbolt 4 cable (passive) brings all the advantages of an active Thunderbolt 4 cable thanks to its short length of 0.8 m, but at [...]

news-featured-laser product picture

Keyboards Without Limits

LMP keyboards can now be produced in (almost) any imaginable layout. Thanks to our new high tech laser machine, even small batches can be delivered at short notice. New layouts don't require an MOQ anymore. In addition, special layouts such as keyboards with large lettering for visually impaired persons can be made. And other applications [...]

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Work better with the LMP Master Mouse

Feature-rich, rechargeable, chic: LMP's new Bluetooth mouse for Mac users LMP has combined practical functions with elegant design in the optical Bluetooth mouse. With its flat shape and high-quality aluminum housing, the Master Mouse is a stylish accessory for Macs and high-end PCs - and also fits comfortably in the hand. The mouse is operated [...]