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LMP 3-in-1 cable

Lightning | USB-C | Micro USB to USB cable, Charge & Sync, MFI certified


product overview

The LMP 3-in-1 cable can be used as a charging and syncing cable for 3 different ports. The USB-A plug is attached to the USB power adapter or host with a regular USB-A port while the other end can be transferred by choice from the standard Micro USB into a Lightning (e.g. iPhone, iPad, Magic keyboard) or USB-C plug. This is achieved by simply plugging the desired plug onto the Micro USB plug. The Lightning and USB-C plugs are connected to the cable by an elastic band so they do not get lost and are at your service when you need them.

Ideal for charging and syncing smartphones and tablets from different makers with only a single cable.



EAN Code
  • 7640113432164